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What is AISA DISASTER? And what are the aims of AISA DISASTER?
How was AISA DISASTER created?
When was AISA DISASTER founded?
Why was AISA DISASTER created?
Is AISA DISASTER registered association/federation/sport club?
Who are the sponsors of AISA DISASTER?
What is the difference between AISA DISASTER and Team-Disaster?


What is AISA DISASTER? And what are the aims of AISA DISASTER?

AISA DISASTER (www.team-disaster.com) is an independent self-funded non-profit organisation. The sole aim of AISA DISASTER is to promote inline skating in Bulgaria and the world. We specialise in Inline Vert Skating. AISA ROOTS (www.aisa-roots.com) is our partner organisation that promotes Inline Street Skating.

In Bulgaria - our aims are to promote inline skating by:
  • organising competitions,
  • performing demonstrations,
  • helping inline skaters go to competitions outside Bulgaria,
  • promoting inline skating in newspaper, magazines, radio and TV
  • teaching Bulgarian society in general about Inline Skating.
AISA DISASTER also performs marketing and funding to raise money to organise events by finding sponsors. We find sponsors for competitions organised by Inline Skates also.

In the world- our aim are to:
  • promote Bulgarian Inline Skating to the rest of the world
  • invite foreign inline skaters to come and compete in our competitions
  • to make Bulgaria an Inline Skating capital
  • to make Bulgarian inline skaters into world professionals
  • to have the best Bulgarian inline skaters sponsored and
  • to create a Bulgarian inline world champion
Slowly we are achieving all these aim with our International comps.

How was AISA DISASTER created?

AISA DISASTER was created by a group of dedicated Inline Vert Skaters. It was created by those who actually skated (And this is a rule that has always stayed- only those who skate can be in the club). Around 10 of us from various age groups and background decided we really wanted to create this club. After many arguments we came with the name "DISASTER". The association was not created by one person but by many.

All the founding members put 10levs (which was a lot of money for some of the smaller kids) for lawyers fee. Krasi who knew a bit more about "legalising the organisation found us a lawyer. After 12 months of various meetings with the lawyer, signing countless papers and creating rules etc... we had the association.

The founding creators were:
Ivan Rusev, Marco Jara, Nikolai Naidenov, Krasi Tomov, Kiril Trayanov, Pavel Mitrenga, Nikolai Borisov, Peter Damianov, Dido Kiuchukov, Georgi Spasov, Pavel Pavlov, Boris Grozev

Who is Ivan Rusev?
Arni is one of the oldest Vert Skaters in Bulgaria and one of the most respected. Also he is the driving force behind the club and a person we all respect for his sense of humour and great skating skills. He was one of the original founders and one of the key person involved in the early years getting the club founded, also he played a big part in the original comps. His main contribution is always that when he is back in Bulgaria he unites the club together.

Who is Marco?
He is also one of the founding members., although he is not from Bulgaria. He is from Australia with Chilean parents, his family background is Chilean, Spanish and some other mixes (i say this because many people ask)... his nationality by choice is Australian. He has been skating vert since 1998. His part in the club was that of organisor. As the President of the club he works mainly with securing sponsorship for competitions, organising comps and helping to run the association.

Who is Anton Evangelatov?
He is the man behind all the websites created so far. Most people will not know but the current AISA DISASTER website is the third generation. We have gone through 3 versions and soon we will go to 4th version. He is responsible for all the internet related work for DISASTER, ROOTS and VERTIGO. His daily mission is to keep all the websites running and in his private life he also maintains other websites.

Who is Anton Gigov?
He is the only non-inline skater who has been supporting the club since its foundation. Not even most of the members know him but he is the greatest designer we have had in the club. He is responsible for the DISASTER logo and symbol creation. Most of the tee shirt designs are his work and all the certificates are always designed by him. Thanks buddy!!

When was AISA DISASTER founded?

Unofficially we started discussing the creation of the association around 2001 and by 2002 the club had established itself "underground". At the end of 2002 and start of 2003 AISA DISASTER received legal papers and became an officially registered association and by the end of 2003 we were paying taxes.

Why was AISA DISASTER created?

Most of the inline skaters were tired of the way the Inline Skating was mishandled by the Bulgarian Roller-Skate Federation. We believed we had nothing in common with this federation and that they had no understanding of what we did. Besides this organisation was a "name only" organisation without any members ir support from the inline community. Around 2001 there were no inline competitions and we were a side show for skateboarding comps. Usually we were given 5mins to show something in one of their comps and we were treated as a joke.

By 2002 we got together and decided we wanted our own association to organise Inline Vert events and to be able to control our way of life and our passion, Inline Skating. A lot of the founding members were VERT skaters but we also skated STREET and so we decided from the beginning we would also organise Inline Street Events until the day we would create a new organisation for STREET events, this became AISA ROOTS in 2005.

Is AISA DISASTER registered association/federation/sport club?

We are 100% legal entity registered with all Bulgarian authorities and totally NON-PROFIT! None of the members and organisors earn any money from the association and all monies that come to the association are used to promote inline skating. We also pay taxes every year and do all the other paperwork yearly to keep the organisation alive. But we are not registered as a sports club with the "State Agency for Sports and Youth".

We have made various attempts to communicate with the "State Agency for Sports and Youth" in Bulgaria to let us register as a Sporting Organisation or a Federation but with no success. Although we have more members than most similar organisation, although we do more events every year and have more international success we are still not allowed to register our association with the State Agency for Sports and Youth".

The fact we are not registered as a sports club makes no difference to us as we continue to organise competitions and events. We are the only organisation in Bulgaria recognized by the American Skating Association and we are the only organisation in alternatives sports that has now internationally recognised professional inline skaters.

Internationally there are no FEDERATIONS for skateboarding, BMX or inline skating. These sports do not belong to any Olympic Committee and its rather strange Bulgaria has created federations for sports which do not have international world federations. The fact that Bulgaria has such Federations which tries to control these sports is a mystery to us as there are no real benefits to the people that practice these sports. In essence all the Federations which are registered for skateboarding and rollerblading in Bulgaria cause more problems to the people that participate rather than provide any support or assistance.

In summary AISA DISASTER is a registered non-profit association which is allowed by international and European union laws to organise any inline vert or inline street events.

Who are the sponsors of AISA DISASTER?

Through the years there have been many sponsors of AISA DISASTER. You can see all in the SPONSORS PAGE.

For 2005-2006 we had three main sponsors who were amazingly generous- BTC, SNICKERS and finally the best was VIVATEL. Without these three companies a lot of the success in 2005-2006 would have been very hard to achieve.

BTC (2005)
BTC created the "BTC Tour" of Bulgaria. This not only involved inline skaters but also skateboarders. Although promoting their ADSL service it was a great way for us to show inline skills to around 22 cities in Bulgaria. AISA DISASTER was responsible for the coordination and organisation of the demonstrations that took place.

Fully sponsored the "IMYTA QUALIFIERS (Bulgaria)" aka "DBTSC-06". SNICKERS basically took care of all the logistics surroundings the event including providing 2 brand new buses to take the inline skaters from spot to spot. They provided a total prize of 1000euros!

VIVATEL (2006)
Amazingly generous! They sponsored the "European Amateur Inline Vert Championship", the "Open Inline Contest", "High-Air Contest" and finally they fully sponsored the full team-disaster to go to Dallas, Texas and compete in the "ASA AM World Finals"! If we owe gratitude and thanks it is to vivatel!

A special thanks goes to Pristiana from BTC, Penka from MD, Maya from BSS, Iva from Masterfoods and one big thanks to Galina from vivatel!!

What is the difference between AISA DISASTER and Team-Disaster?

AISA Disaster is the organisation (club) and Team-Disaster is the elite team that represents the organistion. In Team-Disaster there are currently 3 members only,
  • Nikolai Naidenov
  • Kiril Trayanov
  • Pavel Mitrenga.
Team-Disaster members are chosen from the very best of the club. Team-Disaster is the PROFESSIONAL team and we do have also an amateur team, the members in the amateur team are also very good skaters who one day will become Team-Disaster members.

In October 2006 in Dallas, Texas both Nikolai Naidenov and Kiril Trayanov turned professional. The American Skate Association upgraded their status from Amateur to Professional. From 2007 both riders will be able to compete in the world professional circuit.





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